Hey everyone!

if you wanna hear two more songs off "socialize" you can download our live set at WOXY here:


We played:
1. Foothills
2. Vampire Song
3. Gentleman's Spell
4. Socialize

There's an interview as well.

-anar, flora, and sam

We've got a music video for 'Foothills!'

You can see it at our myspace (www.myspace.com/themetalhearts) or take this direct link:

  • Foothills Music Video.

  • -anar

    New tour dates are posted! This time we're going out for a month alone, followed by an entire month with Murder by Death. Aside from that there isn't much more news. We've posted a little more press, but that doesn't actually matter at all.

    Maybe you're here because you saw 15 seconds of us on MTV's You Hear It First? If you're here to find the songs you heard, they're either at www.myspace.com/themetalhearts or at www.suicidesqueeze.net, where you can buy the CD. Hope to see everyone at a show soon! We ARE coming to your city this year, so there's no excuse!

    Hope everyone is well.

    Anar, Flora, and Sam

    Our brakes went out last night. Our van won't be ready till tomorrow, so unfortunately we can't make it to memphis tonight. We're really sorry, as we were really looking forward to that show. But, we hope you understand. Other than almost dying and going broke everything's been a lot ot fun! We'll write again soon.

    anar, flora, and sam

    Hey everyone,

    We got new t-shirts! We'll put pictures and merch up soon, so you can order one if you want. Until then we'll have 'em at all the shows coming up.

    Flora and I are sick now. Sam isn't. We'll be better by next week, so come to a show if we're in your city! You'll be in for an exciting...treat. A handful of new songs, plus a whole bunch off "Socialize."

    More news-- Our second week on CMJ charts and we're at #22! very exciting. Thanks for requesting and supporting us so much. We owe you all big time.

    Also, if you want to contact us for anything send us an email at metalheartsmusic@yahoo.com. We'll reply immediately because we love the internet even more than you do. See you soon!


    Hey everyone!

    Here's a 15% off coupon code for "Socialize" on Insound:

    Coupon: metalhearts15
    Expires: 03/07/06

    And, in case you missed it earlier this week, our album debut in the CMJ charts was ..26!!! So, call up your college radio station and ask to hear some metal hearts. Maybe you'll even like what you hear.
    http://www.barsuk.com/home/helpingbands for the request number.
    Thanks a lot for all the support.
    anar, flora, and sam

    The site is still in the making, but it should be up and running within a few days. For now the basics are all up-- the shows, bio, and contact info. We'll throw up a few pictures, audio, and a merch section this week so you can get those metal hearts shirts you've been waiting so long for.
    As for now, we are in the studio again with Sam laying down song after song for our next album (yea, this first one isn't even out till feb. 21st, but maybe we'll be able to get a song up over the next couple months). We are really excited to get these songs out there; we think it's a really pleasant change. See you all soon!

    We're still working on getting the new website in place... Until then, check us out on MySpace.

    AND pre-order our debut album, "Socialize," at Suicide Squeeze.